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Matteo Salvini: We are fighting against the centralism of Rome and Brussels

Matteo Salvini, secretary-general of the Italian “Northern League” party and MP in the European Parliament, speaks for “Geopolitika”




Geopolitika’s guest, Matteo Salvini has twice been elected to the European Parliament. He studied history at the University of Milan. He is a die-hard fan of the club “Milan” and founder of the football fan club “Diavoli Padani”. He is also a member of the Journalists’ Association of Italy. In the past, he had been director of Radio Padania, and the daily newspaper La Padania. He loves to read historical texts as well as political literature.

In 2013, he was elected secretary-general of the Northern League (Lega Nord). Matteo Salvini is 41 years old and is father of two children from two different marriages.


Interview done by: Srdjan Novaković


Mr. Salvini, our first question is concerned with Serbia: the Northern League (Lega Nord) was the only political party that decisively opposed the Atlantist dictate during the anti-Serbian wars in the Balkans, especially during the 1999 NATO bombing of our country. Your political movement was experiencing then an unstoppable growth and rise in popularity. It now seems that history is repeating itself with Ukraine and Russia and, while you and your party are again on the right side, tell us how much can this principled support cost you, considering that we all live in an anti-Serbian and Russophobic postmodern world? It can be dangerous, even subversive, to be on the side of Putin and Marine Le Pen; a strong dose of courage is needed to condemn the coup-installed government in Kiev and support the referendum for the reunion of Crimea with the Russian Federation. What are the common values which you share the Russian party “United Russia”?

Our movement, the Northern League (Lega Nord), has always fought for the identity and self-determination of nations. Therefore, we always support the democratic choice of nations - that they can decide by themselves about their destinies. Neither are we afraid to state and uphold our ideas and beliefs in any historical moment, even if it puts us at risk of looking “ugly, dirty and evil”, which happens regularly to our friends in the National Front in France, the Vlaams Belang in Belgium, the Freedom Party of Heinz Christian Strache in Austria, and other peoples’ (populist) European movements which the bureaucratic and centralized system in Brussels would like to put under lock and key forever. We do not like politically correct speech nor do we like the dictate of those who wish to unjustly command us in our own house. We want a different Europe, not the one with the criminally imposed currency – the euro – or the one that closes both its eyes when confronted with the violence of the Euromaidan in Kiev, while at the same time rejecting the notion of their being a national referendum in the Crimea on eventual independence!

That is why we share a common stance on the defense of national identity (the identity which is deeply ingrained in us) with the “United Russia” party (which we called to participate in our congress last December), and we uphold a culture of traditional families and all the other eternal, most natural and universally human values which certain globalist-technocratic propaganda wishes to corrupt and abolish.

Where Serbia is concerned, we shall follow with interest the actions of the newly-elected president, Tomislav Nikolić, as he is an important person who during the war for Kosovo and Metohija was in the front lines for the defense of Serbia, its territorial integrity and civilizational identity. I wish him all the best and much luck with his new position!

Mr. Salvini, concerning the situation in Italy, we must emphasize that this is the third government to have been directly nominated by the President of the Republic Giorgio Napolitano, without the people having any say about it in general elections. It seems that, except for the Northern League, all other political parties are just pretending to be an opposition. Even the strongest party in Parliament, Beppe Grillo’s “Five Star Movement”, officially lauded and “sanctioned” by the US Embassy in Rome – is obviously a successful political diversion whose goal was to marginalize your movement. We can also add the perfectly timed launching of the affair which hit the family of Umberto Bossi himself, the undisputed leader and founder of your party. What more can you say to us about this?

During the ‘80’s of the 20th century, the Northern League was just another small local party, but even then various “masters of discourse” were clamoring in the newspapers and television as to who could vilify our party the most, defining it as “racist”, “subversive”, “anti-constitutional”, without even previously studying our political program! It was a clear signal that the intuitive need to federalize all the people of Northern Italy, the intuition of Umberto Bossi, was an attack on the very core of the old Italian political system. We were a movement that attacked the old centralist state itself, we were the only real and serious opponent to a system which had been in power since the end of the Second World War until now. That is why we were always the target of backstage forces, especially when the League succeeded in participating in the government, when we really tried to change the very foundations of the state. However, it was then that we realized that the federalist revolution had only received verbal support from our allies in the Government: it just remained a moot point on paper and our unfulfilled dream.

That is why we have now opened a new front and we are not just fighting against the centralism of Rome but, above all, of that construction which I like to call the European Soviet Union. Let me also emphasize that we have always been consistent, because Umberto Bossi had during the nineties of the last century defined the European Union as a superstate of the centralist type and an annihilator of all national identities. They mocked us and accused us of “anti-Europeanism”. Concerning the potential of Beppe Grillo’s “Five Star Movement”, I think that they are slowly taking off their mask and showing their demagogic essence: they pose no threat to the current system of government as they do not have any concrete suggestions and they concern themselves with pure propaganda.

In all sincerity, I think that it is quite remarkable that the Northern League, the only party in Italy which has been constantly struggling against the intolerable tax burdens for federalism and local self-government, against illegal immigration, for the safety and right of citizens to self-defense, does not have greater support in the whole of Italy. How is that possible? After all, it was the League that has for years been cautioning prophetically and, yet, to no avail of the most basic consequences of the wrong immigration policy, the wrong security policy, and the wrong tax and foreign policy of the Roman elite, while today we are reaping the poisonous fruits of these policies: the fall of the economic system, especially small and middle-tier companies, unstoppable crime, the usury of the banks, Islamization… Are not all of these objective conditions for a strong affirmation of Your political party during the upcoming elections for the European Parliament?

You are quite right, but still, we are in Italy! Still, I am an optimist and I am convinced that we have not sown in vain and that we will soon have a successful harvest. Citizens across the whole of Europe feel during the elections the undemocratic pressure of that hellish structure called the European Union. Such a European Union imposes draconic fiscal measures on certain of its members, giving them in return only greater misery and unemployment. Such a Europe suits Germany, but impoverishes and destroys the social fabric of all the other member states. In Italy we have an imposed ideology of Pharisaic, hypocritical charity, a sort of laic religion which, through perfidious media propaganda, creates utter confusion among the public. I have recently visited an entrepreneur from Bergamo who was sentenced to six years in prison and pay €150000 in reparations to the family of an Albanian burglar whom he had mortally shot while protecting his home and family. On the other hand, we have the opposite: the case of an African black who killed with a pickaxe three coincidental passers-by in the very center of Milan and was sentenced to twenty years in prison and will probably be sent to psychiatric therapy, instead of serving a life sentence. These injustices in Italy are becoming unbearable and we shall continue to fight for the rights of honest citizens, against criminals of all sorts, independent of their ethnicity, as well as against various ministries for “integration” and various moral busybodies who propagate open borders for all foreigners. The only good thing which the current government of Matteo Renzi has done is to remove from the government the provocative minister of integration (otherwise, an African black – translator’s comment), Mrs. Kyenge; thank God, she has left the scene as though she had never been.

You have just brought to our attention the case of Mr. Monella, the entrepreneur who had defended his home from a foreign bandit; and in our small land of Serbia the world government wishes to create a Romani state, there are rumors that our Euro-fanatic government has already signed secret deals with the European Union which oblige it to accept and issue documents to every deported nomad from the territory of the EU. There have already been conflicts over the removal nomad camps, and there also many refugees from Syria, who are of a different temper than the autochthonous Serbian populace. At the same time, a wide-ranging decriminalization of numerous offences has been implemented, as well as the police tolerating begging, wandering, petty theft, illegal commercial activities, destruction of private property, etc. Are there not worrying similarities between our two countries?

I am hoping most sincerely that the Serbs will not take the ruinous Italian policy in the field of citizen security as a model. The question of Romani camps in Italy has already become an endemic problem, thanks to the tolerant municipal governments (especially Milan) which, instead of caring for the safety of city quarters, are allowing the creation of illegal Gypsy camps and the illegal occupation of rundown and abandoned buildings in the city center. Mostly they are nomads, but also various homeless and unfortunate people without any documents. They are even giving them apartments, while our citizens have to sleep in night shelters, because they were left without a home and job. I repeat: our dear Serbian friends, do not follow our example! Cases such as the one of Mr. Monella of Bergamo are numerous in Italy. Honest hardworking people, who out of self-defense and necessity defend themselves and their families from burglars, end up in court or in prison – pure madness!

Mister Salvini, what is your position on the recently held referendum on immigration in Switzerland? This small mountainous nation remains for you a sort of role model. Do you hope that the necessary pressure concerning the issue of immigrants will be an added value to you during the elections? Marine Le Pen’s “Front Nationale” also arose due the frustrations of the autochthonous populace in France because of the greater concurrence on the job market, lower wages, the increase in work hours, more mosques. Tell us more about your electoral coalition with the “Front Nationale” and other populist movements in Europe. What are the advantages for your electoral body? Is not the issue of rampant Islamization in Italy also an urgent matter, because your government is selling “Alitalia”, and a series of other companies to the Gulf petro-monarchies of the Shari ‘a type?

The same logic that I applied to the Crimean referendum goes for Switzerland. The Northern League has always supported the right of direct expression of the people’s will. The Swiss have decided in a referendum to stop all immigration, because the economic crisis can be felt in their country as well, even though Bern has a great advantage in that it does not depend on the bureaucrats in Brussels and is not a member of the EU. The prevalent trend in Europe is the same as in Switzerland: people have had enough of foreign immigration, we seek to give an advantage during employment to our compatriots, since unemployment has not been so keen ever since we have entered the much lauded mythical eurozone, so we are united with the “Front Nationale” and other movements from Austria, Sweden, Belgium, and Norway in affirming that not only is a different Europe possible, but inevitable. All of us together resist the unlimited power of the banking cartels and financial usurers, who are directly endangering the livelihood of millions of ordinary citizens, who are being massacred by the various taxes and charges, as well as by the directives which are directly impoverishing all classes: artisans, merchants, fishermen, farmers, and many others. The European Union fills the pockets of speculators and financial swindlers whom nobody had elected to power, people who were imposed from above by the powerful globalist lobbies who have created such a European Union to their advantage, all the while representing it as a gigantic civilizational shift. We would like to wake up promptly from this nightmare and the elections for the European Parliament on May 25th (the birthday of the Kumrovec locksmith, i.e. Josip Broz Tito) are already seen as terrifying by the political dwarves of Brussels. They know very well that things have changed and that the peoples of Europe will no longer tolerate such a Europe as this one.

Your greatest struggle is currently against the common currency. It was you who defined the euro as “a crime against humanity”. Of course, together with the struggle for the return of monetary sovereignty, it is also necessary to fight for the return military and cultural sovereignty, so succinctly addressed in your motto: “Bosses in our own home”. You are against the policies imposed by the “Bundesbank”, earlier you were also for leaving NATO, and nowadays you are against the EU which is in the service of international capital. Therefore, you are for a “Europe of Nations”, autonomous vis-à-vis Washington. In that case, you would have powerful enemies. Are you prepared to resist the inevitable attacks?

This crisis, this disaster, has been artificially induced and in essence this artificial cataclysm consists of four letters: e-u-r-o. It was not I, Matteo Salvini, who said it, but the winner of the Nobel Prize for economy, Joseph Stiglitz, an American. In this he is in excellent company with other eminent Nobel Prize winners such as: Milton Friedman, Christopher Pissarides, James Mirrlees, Amartya Sen, Paul Krugman – they have all said that the euro represents ruin for the European nations, and we would add that can and should extricate ourselves from this nightmare, and soon, by refuting the apocalyptic claims of doom from the eurocrats if the euro should fall. One must understand them: these are the same dwarves that invented this criminal currency, and do not want to catch themselves in a lie, and even they will soon end up on the junk heap of history. Among other things, there does not exist even a ray of hope of returning one’s lost monetary sovereignty with the euro, which is a necessary condition to lead an economic policy beneficial for ordinary people, and not for banks and international usurers and speculators. Therefore, we are not afraid of our enemies, who are powerful and belligerent, and will defend tooth and nail the status quo – the euro currency. Unlike them, we are on the side of the ordinary people and workers who are carrying that whole pyramid on their backs and we would like to give them another chance in deciding their own destiny. History is unfolding again in Europe and the people want to return to their future. We will always act with them.


Geopolitika No. 73, April 2014

Translation: David Djordjevic